Wi Governor’s Business Plan Contest

We have pre-sold 10, 000 units, representing approximately $1, 890, 000 in pre-launch revenue. Our immediate customer base growing by the day and we have successfully proven that this is a product that consumers want and are enthusiastic about. Since that time, Kent and the Culina team have made it their mission to completely revolutionize the home automation and IoT space with innovative, AI-powered technology.

The Executive Summary is the most important section in the plan. You already have strong expertise in the industry and business model of your intended business. Your intentions are for a rather simple organization, for example, to provide one type of product or service that requires little development.

Written especially to inside stakeholders, for example, Board of Directors and management. The planning does not have to be perfect the first time. Exceed what it costs to develop and provide the product or service. To update your plans and operations in a changing world. To establish a roadmap to compare your plans to your results as the venture proceeds from paper to reality. To identify any problems in your plans before you implement those plans. The Founder of Girlboss Media talks about the ups and downs of starting her first company, NastyGal, and how she has been able to productize her unique attitude and sense of style.

With Culina, we’ve tapped into something truly extraordinary that’s being celebrated by both early adopters and investors alike. With 10, 000 units pre-sold and $1. 89M in pre-launch revenue, we’ve already successfully demonstrated validation in the consumer space. With over $5 million in funding secured across several financing rounds, we’ve already proven that investors believe in our company, our mission, and our ability to succeed. With Culina, investors have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a company that’s positioned to grow into a leading innovator in the home automation and IoT space.

Usually applies to exploring a possible market opportunity. Focused especially on getting funding for further research to verify if the opportunity could be a viable business opportunity. Usually applies to expanding a current product or service.

The Summary is often what your audiences will first read. Audiences might read only the Summary, so it is important that all of the highlights be included and well organized into it. Many people consider the Summary to be a “mini-business plan. ”

Team Strength Our team is comprised of industry veterans who bring decades of experience to the table across industrial design, mobile tech, cloud-based technology, artificial intelligence, and more. We will drive traffic and conversions to our website using social media marketing via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and others. Homeowners are our end users and will benefit the most from our product. For homeowners, Culina represents safety, peace of mind, increased convenience, and an economically-wise investment that pays for itself over time. What was once only reserved for the wealthy and tech-savvy, everyday consumers now have direct access to and can take advantage of a growing number of home automation devices. Evidence of the enormous impact home automation tech has had in the consumer space can be seen in the enormous adoption of products like Nest and Amazon Echo. Our first generation product is market-ready and primed for commercial manufacturing.

Business Plan

It is often best to depict your plan with a table of rows and columns. However, this article How to Conduct Market Research includes basic descriptions of the various methods to do market research, as well as common sources of market information and of help. Because the Summary includes the highlights from your plan, you should probably write the Summary last. However , some prefer to write it first as a means to quickly gather their most important thoughts about the plan.